Welcome to Natural Barre! We are happy to have you join us in our studio for a low-pact, but intense workout that will leave you feeling long, lean and lifted!


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Barre is a workout that can be offered to all age groups and all strength levels!

Your instructors, Meredith Michaels and Ashley Burke are CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINERS! We are happy to help you achieve ALL of your fitness needs! 

Natural Barre is happy to announce that we will also be offering the following classes:

Tabata, Pilates and Total Body Conditioning! These will vary on the schedule based on demand.

*Due to adding more classes and anticipating transition times, classes are 50-55min in length! We want to ensure a smooth and cleanly transition between classes!  We will use that extra time to clean equipment and ensure all equipment is in working order for the next client!

** Classes are offered with GROUP delivery in mind.  We prefer to have at least 2-3 participants registered for an offered class, or we may pull it from the schedule and provide you with an email notice in advance!!

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